Home Pet Boarding

Your dogs live with us, as our pets do. They are played with, cuddled, fed  walked and watered just as if they were our own but of course everything is carried out the way your pets are used to being cared for at home. In essence they join our family to have there own little holiday and time away. If your dog has any special needs feel confident that with Kelly being a qualified veterinary nurse she can give your dog the very best personal care.

Home Pet Visits

We provide this service for cats and small furries. We shall visit your home and clean litter trays, change bedding and feed your pets but most importantly we will spend time playing with them and interacting with them. A standard visit is 30 minutes but can be extended at request.

Any other 'Home' services inc Plant Watering, Opening and Closing of Curtains, Putting your bins out or anything else make your time away less stressful can be included.

Medicating  any prescribed medicines

You don't need to be a pet healthcare professional to medicate or administer medicines to your pet but if its not you doing it for your pet its sure helps you feel confident if its being done correctly and by a professional.

Dog Walking

We will walk your dog for a minimum 30 minutes from your home although this can extended to however long you wish them to be walked.


The doggy nursery opens at 8am and we offer day-care until 6pm. Through the day there will be walks, cuddles, feeding and lots of fun, we cant promise they will be able to bring home there paw paintings.

There are no limits to our pet care services be it mice, horses or snakes. Please contact us and we will create a package that meets your requirements.


Services offered can be short term or long term to suit your own particular needs.


Contact Us

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